Food and Dental Health - Healthy Food

Food and Dental Health

Many people are surprised to learn that several foods can have an impact on the state of our dental health … And we do not necessarily talk about sweets and threats that our parents made when we were young! “Healthy” foods and beverages can also damage our teeth.

The Effect of Feeding On Teething

Naturally, when eating, food comes into direct contact with the dentition. In this way, for example, sugars and acidity can have negative consequences on teeth (caries, demineralization), while certain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus have a beneficial effect. It is on the local effect of food that I will look today.

We therefore target three great culprits to tooth decay:

  • Sugars
  • Acidic foods
  • Sticky texture foods

The phenomenon is simple: oral bacteria (well present in all of us) love sugars. It is in contact with sugar that there is formation of acid. And it is when the mouth is acid that cavities are formed. The longer the mouth remains acid, the greater the chance of developing an unfortunate decay. By staying in good contact with the teeth, you will understand why sweet foods with sticky texture are proud allies of decay.

Caries In Children

Do you think that decayed baby teeth are not a problem, since they are temporary? On the contrary, caries present at an early age are signs that food or dental hygiene are lacking. This problem is likely to continue even with permanent teeth. Prevention is better than cure!

Healthy Foods for the Health of Your Teeth

Rest assured, there are still safe and even healthy foods for your teeth. As decay tends to develop in an acid environment, you will find that healthy tooth foods are basic foods that will raise the pH of saliva. This list includes cheese, milk, plain yogurt, nuts and seeds and meat, poultry and fish.

Some Simple Tips

Here are 6 simplified recommendations to always have beautiful teeth:

  1. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating. Indeed, the brushing removes the protective film of the teeth and thus exposes them to the acidity of the mouth.
  2. After the meal, eat a basic food (eg a piece of cheese) to neutralize the pH of your mouth.
  3. Avoid sipping (sipping over a long period of time) sugary or acidic drinks (eg lemon water). Rinse your mouth well.
  4. Avoid sugary, sticky foods such as jujubes or teething biscuits (children’s biscuits). On the labels of food products, sugar and sweeteners (all equally harmful), is often referred to by most words ending in ose: lactose, maltose, fructose, dextrose, glucose, sucrose. Beware of it!
  5. During the first years after the appearance of teeth, make sure your child has a sufficient daily intake of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and vitamin C.
  6. For athletes, do not insert mouthguard immediately after consuming an energy drink.


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